Free flow

The unique ‘free flow’ approach means that children can choose which areas of the nursery they access and when. This freedom to move throughout the whole nursery supports children’s confidence and independence and enables them to develop a sense of security and belonging. The range of quality resources and equipment welcome children to investigate, enquire and explore.

The nursery takes ‘the family’ as its influence and will care for children in mixed age family groups. The key family groups, headed by a highly qualified and caring early years professional, prevent any unnecessary transitions or movement between rooms. Instead strong, responsive and respectful relationships are promoted as children are able to stay with their key person, and the other children within their family, throughout the time they are at nursery. Working in this way enables the youngest of children to observe and learn from the role modelling of older or more able children. The older children in turn develop their own skills such as responsibility, negotiation and co-operation as they work alongside younger children - just as they would at home!


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