Food & Nutrition

We provide healthy and nutritionally balanced meals from a variety of cultures. All food is cooked daily and where possible is locally sourced.

The children can also join us in the kitchen, so that cooking becomes not only fun and educational but part of everyday nursery life.

Nursery menus are available at the nursery for parents to view at the start of each week and can be viewed here. The nursery promotes free choice, encouraging the children to experience a diverse range of tastes and flavours. We also believe that mealtimes should be an enjoyable experience where good table manners and social skills are encouraged.

Throughout the morning and afternoon there is a selection of fruit and healthy snacks available for children to choose from. Drinking water is available throughout the day.

Witherswood is rated 5 stars by the Foods Standards Agency (January 2016).

"Thank you so much for the Easter egg hunts, the chocolates were delicious. The food is delicious too!"
Jack, aged 5


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